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World Traveled Chef Serving Local Flavor

The Tower has the privilege of presenting Chef Robert Alimirzaie at the Helm of the Kitchen.  Loving referred to as "Chef Robert" as none of us can pronounce Alimirzaie.  He has a world chef resume and brings us flavors from the exotic to the local.  Traveling from Western Europe to St. Peters-burg to Japan to Singapore he has been there and cooked that.  Having managed local standards as the operations manager at the Bakersfield Country Club and as the Executive Chef at Petroleum Club he is well respected in the Bakersfield community.  He is currently teaching the next generation of chefs as the chef instructor at Cafe 1600 with the adult school program.

Chef is enthusiastic about his food which is truly beautiful and tasty.  Every creation is ready for a debut photo and as second serving.  You will have to taste it to believe it.  Chef also keeps it fresh by customizing menus for each client.  Not an easy task but something that he is inspired to do.  Chef takes your food seriously and he will not disappoint you.

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