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Choose Your Drink Service


Catering Service includes Beverage Services


Choose One Iced Tea

  • Classic Iced Tea

  • Lemon Iced Tea

  • Mint Iced Tea


Choose One Water

  • Classic Iced Water

  • Lemon Iced Water

  • Mint Iced Water

  • Cucumber Iced Water


Choose One Lemonade

  • Classic Lemonade

  • Strawberry Lemonade

  • Fruit Burst Lemonade


Choose Your Coffee Service

  • Classic Roast

  • French Roast

  • Dark Roast

  • Classic Decaf

  • Served with Cream, Sugar  and artificial sweetener


Bar Service Selections

The Tower has a professional fully stocked Bar with full Glassware selection.  2 Bartenders for 100 guests.


  • Open Bar- Host will receive an invoice at the end of the night for bar Service


  • No Host Bar- Guests Purchase personal drinks for the evening


  • Hosted cocktail Hour- Host purchases drinks during cocktail hour.  Cash Bar for the remainder of evening.


  • Budgeted Bar- Host Sets Bar Budget.  Once Budget is met the Bar will be cash or tab bar service.


  • Hosted Beer and Wine Service-  Host will run tab for Beer and Wine only


  • Signature drink service-  Host will choose signature drinks for the Bar Service


  • Table Wine Service-  Host chooses wine to be served at tables


  • Champaign Service- Host chooses Champaign to be served  for Champaign toast

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